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    Xiangtai Liudai (1.5m)

    Overall dimension (L x W x H) (mm): 2880 x 980 x 1100
    Car size (mm): 1500x720x260
    Battery type: 48V / 60V
    Controller: 12 tubes
    Wheelbase (mm): 1860
    Tire specification: 3.00-12 Yufeng special tire
    Motor power: 48v650w
    Optional: Bumper
    Xiangtai Liudai (1.5m)(图1)

    Xiangtai Liudai (1.5m)(图2)

    Fashionable headlights, continuous stability, strong light!

    Stable and reliable, for a variety of working environment to provide light, night wind high is not afraid!

    Endurance Tire   quality assurance

    Special wear resistant tire, strong and durable
    Xiangtai Liudai (1.5m)(图3)

    Xiangtai Liudai (1.5m)(图4)

    Enlarge and thicken the cushion

    Let you in comfortable driving at the same time, improve the driving safety!