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    • Frontline 2C
    • Frontline 2C
    • Frontline 2C
    • Frontline 2C
    Frontline 2CFrontline 2CFrontline 2CFrontline 2C

    Frontline 2C

    Overall dimension (L x W x H) (mm): 2995x1060x1660
    Wheelbase (mm): 1935
    Total mass (kg): 621
    Track width (mm): 860
    Rated heavy load mass (kg): 175
    Curb weight (kg): 311
    Tire size: front 3.50-12 rear 3.75-12
    Frontline 2C(图1)

    Frontline 2C(图2)

    Fashionable headlights, continuous stability, strong light!

    Stable and reliable, for a variety of working environment to provide light, night wind high is not afraid!

    Endurance Tire   quality assurance

    Special wear resistant tire, strong and durable
    Frontline 2C(图3)