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    • YF stall truck
    • YF stall truck
    • YF stall truck
    YF stall truckYF stall truckYF stall truck

    YF stall truck

    Enclosure dimension (L x W x H) (mm): 3500x1250x1850
    Compartment closing dimension (L x W x H) (mm): 2000x1200x1120
    Booth expansion size (mm): 2400x2010
    Wheelbase (mm): 2300
    Motor power: 1800W Brushless
    Controller: 30 tubes
    Battery: special for water and electricity
    Front wheel: 3.25-16 rear wheel: 4.00/4.50-12

    The van type freight logistics vehicle is a good helper for the economy of the stall.
    the whole carriage can be opened freely, and it can block rain and shade when placing goods, which is simple and convenient to operate.
     a variety of colors can be selected, van type logistics and stall dual-purpose vehicle, high-power motor,
    &Large load and storage space, easy to drive, semi enclosed cab or enclosed cab are available.

    YF stall truck(图1)

    YF stall truck(图2)

    Fashionable headlights, continuous stability, strong light!

    Stable and reliable, for a variety of working environment to provide light, night wind high is not afraid!

    Yufeng special tire

    Original durable tire, safe, stable and reliable!
    YF stall truck(图3)

    YF stall truck(图4)

    The rear compartment unfolds to form a large booth

    It has the advantages of large quantity of goods and easy operation.

    YF stall truck(图5)