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    Warranty information

    1. When you buy the car, please check and debug the car on the spot, and have the right to ask the sales personnel to provide valid bills and warranty cards, as well as the detailed address and contact number of the repair unit.
    2. After purchasing the car, please read the manual carefully, master the correct use method and daily maintenance precautions. If you give the electric car to someone who doesn't know how to use it, you should explain it to avoid accidental damage. Please don't give the electric car to minors, pregnant women and people with inconvenient hands and feet.
    3. After the user operates the product correctly according to the product manual, the customer can go to the car shop within one month after the product is sold, and we will do a free debugging and maintenance for your car.
    4. If you have any technical questions after purchasing the car, please call our service hotline: 0519-83766222 or 400-8829218. We will have professional technicians to serve you.
    Warranty information(图1)