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    Development history


    Changzhou Yufeng was founded by Mr. Xue Jiannan and Ms. Huang Yaping, opening the new era of China's first batch of pedal tricycles.


    3 years later, yufeng developed into a medium-sized enterprise with considerable scale.


    Yufeng has stepped into the fast lane of development, with a more complete range of products, and has grown into one of the largest tricycle manufacturers in southern China.


    Yufeng electric tricycle developed rapidly, and became the pioneer of electric tricycle industry in China.


    Yufeng expanded product categories, introduced a large number of advanced production equipment, formed the most complete vehicle manufacturers and product supporting system in China, won a number of invention patents, enterprises and products won a number of honors.


    Accelerated terminal layout, increased capital and manpower investment in the market, product sales ranked the leading position in the domestic industry, and took the lead in the industry to establish a national regional terminal service system.


    Signed a contract with famous film and television star Zhang Tielin who is the brand spokesperson of Yufeng.


    With the explosive growth of the tricycle industry, Yufeng seized the opportunity to maintain the leading position in the industry for many consecutive years and become the industry leader in China's electric tricycle industry.


    Develop the international market in India and Southeast Asia, and became the first brand enterprise in the industry to enter the international market. Yufeng was rated by CCTV as the top ten most influential brands in the electric tricycle industry in 2013.


    Yufeng Administration Building with an area of more than 6,000 square meters was completed, and the enterprise's office environment was at the first-class level in the same industry.


    Accelerate the development of new energy vehicles, yufeng produced series of three-wheeled and four-wheeled new energy vehicles.


    More than 800 Yufeng dealers were invited to attend the 22nd anniversary celebration of the industry. Yufeng obtained the motorcycle production enterprise qualification of the Ministry of industry and information technology, and became one of the earlier enterprises in the industry to obtain the motorcycle qualification. And won the title of famous brand enterprise in Jiangsu Province.


    Accelerate the development of new energy vehicles, yufeng produced series of three-wheeled and four-wheeled new energy vehicles.


    More workshops are completed and put into production.At the same time, the New Delhi factory in India was founded.


    New Delhi factory of Yufeng India was put into operation and achieved fruitful results, and its export sales ranked the forefront of the industry for five consecutive years. More than twenty products are announced through the catalog.


    Under the epidemic situation, Yufeng whole sales still increased by 35%. Yufeng never give up and insist to make efforts on promotional activities and media advertising . More than 40 new products are developed this year.


    Goal for the next three years: To become the model of high-end electric tricycle brand in the industry, to become one of the top three leading brand enterprises in the industry, to form the most complete product line in the industry, to accelerate the construction of the third phase plant, and to become one of the largest electric tricycle enterprises in the industry.