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    Common sense

    Safe driving of electric tricycle
    1、 Safe driving rules
    1. This product belongs to a motor vehicle. Driving an electric tricycle should obtain a driver's license and drive with a driver's license. When driving for the first time, practice in an open space accompanied by experienced drivers and master driving skills before driving. It is strictly forbidden to give the car to minors, pregnant women, people with inconvenient hands and feet and people who can't operate it.
    2. Head injuries are often fatal in traffic accidents. In order to ensure personal safety, remember to wear standard safety helmet, goggles, tight shoes, gloves and other protective tools.
    3. Before driving every time, be sure to do a good job in the inspection and maintenance before driving, do not overload, load according to the specified range, and keep your car in the best condition.
    4. When turning or changing lanes, you should first send out a turn signal or horn sound so that others can notice you.
    5. It is strictly forbidden to drive after drinking. After drinking, it is easy to make people impulsive and confused, which will greatly affect your driving state. Therefore, it is strictly forbidden to drive after drinking, and your friends can not drive after drinking. In addition, drugs, fatigue and inattention will also weaken your judgment and safety.
    6. Speeding is often the culprit of many traffic accidents. Please abide by the speed limit regulations of the driving section and never drive too fast.
    7. When riding an electric tricycle, please drive in the motorway and obey the traffic rules (or obey the command of the local traffic police).

    2、 Driving protective equipment
    1. Helmet and goggles
    helmet is the most important part of protective equipment, because helmet can make your head in a relatively safe and comfortable state, full helmet is safer than half helmet, please try to choose full helmet, wear dust mask or goggles, which can protect your eyes from dust and enhance your vision.
    2. Other protective equipment
    wear strong and antiskid shoes to protect your feet and ankles; wear leather gloves to warm your hands and protect them.

    3、 Loading and loading guide
    1. The product is designed to carry the driver and a certain amount of goods. When you are carrying goods, it will be a little difficult to accelerate and brake. However, as long as you regularly maintain your vehicle, adjust the tire pressure and brake, you can safely load within the specified range. However, overloading or unbalanced loading will affect the operability, braking and stability of the vehicle. Non Yufeng original accessories, improper loading and poor maintenance may reduce your safe loading.
    2. Loading of goods. It is very important for your safety inspection that how to load your tricycle. You should be very clear about the loading value. The total load of the driver, goods and all nearby should not exceed the specified weight of the motorcycle. Overloading or improper loading is very easy to happen, which may endanger your personal safety. The maximum load capacity of the vehicle is shown on the vehicle's name plate, and the vehicle is overloaded. Therefore, it is forbidden to refit vehicles and overload them。

    4、 Special tips
    1. Do not ride in water. When the motor or control is flooded, it may cause damage. When the motor, controller, charger and battery are affected with damp, they should be dried naturally before being powered on. In case of any abnormality, turn off the power immediately and send it to the dealer for repair. Do not disassemble it by yourself.
    2. The charger should not be used in humid, harmful gas and heat source places, and must be used in ventilated and non flammable places. In case of any abnormality, turn off the power immediately and send it to the dealer for repair. Do not disassemble it by yourself. There are cooling holes in the charger shell. It is strictly forbidden for liquid or sundries to enter. Please put it in a place out of the reach of children to prevent danger.
    3. When the battery is not fully charged, it should be charged as soon as possible. Otherwise, the battery life will be affected. When the battery is not in use for a long time, it should be charged once a month to prolong the battery life. It is strictly prohibited to store it in case of power loss.
    4. Inform the customer: please use the battery and charger according to the manufacturer and specifications specified in the technical parameters in the manual, otherwise it will not be guaranteed; record the manufacturer and specifications of the battery and charger in the warranty card.